A Grateful Practice

In the spirit of trying to become someone who follows through in life and moves from the theory into the application, over the next few weeks I’m declaring my gratitude to the skies for things. It is said that Joy and Gratitude are intimately connected. And I want to be joyful. But Gratitude needs to be practiced. And I want to get good at it. And I want to be joyful.

So. Day One>

I am Grateful for….

 >> being left handed. It made me feel special all my life and I didn’t really have to do anything to achieve it. Although I did have terrible hand writing until the age of 17.
>>being able to read (fast). It means that I have had the privilege of knowing so many amazing characters that have kept me company for many many years.
>> peaches. I love peaches. although i write this while eating a nectarine, which are also awesome.